At Main & Mission, we are experts in partnering with system integrators
to provide seamless solutions that run the utilities industry.

We’ve established ourselves as a trusted subcontractor, a position that is well appreciated in an industry that thrives on synergy and collaboration.

We together manage the complexity of the utilities landscape, ensuring that each piece of the jigsaw fits perfectly, by combining our experience with the vision of system integrators. This technique enables us to concentrate on our strengths while system integrators manage the overall vision.

We are extremely proud of the crucial role we play within this bigger ecosystem. Every project we take on reflects our dedication to excellence, accuracy, and innovation. As a result of our collaborations with system integrators, which are based on our belief in the power of teamwork, we are able to develop solutions that not only address the needs of the present but also foresee those of the future.

You select Main & Mission when you want a dependable partner who is committed to your success. Join us as we use our strategic alliances, which highlight the power of accumulated knowledge, to shape the future of utilities.

Snowflake, a pioneer in cloud-based data warehousing and analytics, and Main & Mission have teamed up. We provide innovative solutions that pioneer a new era of data-driven decision-making through our collaboration.


Seamless Engagement: Your data is always available, usable, and accessible because of our seamless engagement with Snowflake’s cutting-edge data platform.


Scalable Performance: Take advantage of Snowflake’s design to accommodate your organization’s expanding data requirements while maintaining performance.


Real-time Insights: You receive real-time insights and make prompt, data-driven decisions thanks to sophisticated analytics capabilities.


Data Security: Snowflake’s industry-leading security features a dedication to data privacy allowing you to rest easy knowing that your data is secure.


Our team of specialists offers seamless deployment and continuous support because they have a comprehensive understanding of the Snowflake platform.


As we use data to transform your business, join forces with Snowflake and Main & Mission. Our relationship guarantees you have the resources you need to thrive, regardless of whether your goal is to improve customer experiences, streamline processes, or foster innovation.


Join us as we transform the way you see and use data. Get in touch with us to find out more about how our collaboration with Snowflake may help you right now.

We help companies as a proud partner specialized in Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions by developing cutting-edge apps for the Salesforce ecosystem.


Our knowledgeable staff combines technical expertise with in-depth industry understanding to produce custom applications that connect with Salesforce’s robust toolkit. Our apps are made to boost productivity and promote growth, whether it is by automating complex operations or improving customer relationship management.


Every company is different, and we recognize this. Because of this, our ISV relationship path starts with thorough meetings to fully understand your unique needs. Our teamwork approach makes sure that the apps we create not only satisfy your needs but also go above and beyond them.


Join with us to unlock the Salesforce marketplace’s boundless potential. Let’s set out on a path to transform your company together. Contact us today.

Leaders turn to Conduo when they feel stuck. Conduo is a leader in the strategic planning and organizational coaching space. Main & Mission is proud to be partnered with leaders in providing services that ignite significant change.


Conduo uses priceless insights for making strategic decisions via data analytics. Through their Renewable Energy services, which incorporate clean sources and reduce costs and environmental effect, customized consultation guarantees that solutions are appropriately fitted to specific challenges. Digital Transformation services upgrade your operations for unmatched success.


Reach out to Main & Mission today to learn more about Conduo enriching workshops. Through these courses, we have the chance to hone skills further while gaining firsthand knowledge and perspectives. Conduo can help you improve operations, reduce your carbon footprint, and embrace an unlimited future. Reach out below to find out more about how Conduo is reshaping industries for a better tomorrow.

Raptor Analytics is a specialized SaaS application designed to facilitate the management of strategic objectives and outcomes for Customer Information System (CIS) transformation programs within the Utilities industry. It offers a robust suite of features, including strategic planning tools, CIS transformation tracking, real-time outcome measurement, collaboration capabilities, data integration with existing systems, advanced reporting and analytics, risk management, and document management.


These features enable utility companies to align their CIS transformation initiatives with strategic goals, enhance decision-making through data insights, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Raptor Analytics caters to a diverse range of users, including utility companies of various sizes, top-level executives responsible for strategic planning, project managers overseeing CIS transformation projects, and IT departments responsible for software implementation and integration. The application is cloud-based and supports web access from both desktop and mobile devices, with flexibility for data integration to meet individual utility company needs. Pricing is based on a subscription model tailored to specific requirements.


With 24/7 customer support, comprehensive onboarding and training, and regular software updates, Raptor Analytics aims to empower utility companies in their CIS transformation journeys by providing the necessary tools and insights to achieve their strategic objectives while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

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