Customer Cloud Service (CCS) by Oracle Utilities

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service provides a robust meter-to-cash solution that combines the Oracle Cloud’s size, agility, security, and simplicity. It blends market-leading customer care and metering smoothly, giving a cloud-optimized customer platform with skilled cloud services after go-live.

Why Oracle CCS with Main and Mission?

Scalability and Adaptability: Oracle CCS seamlessly grows with your utility business, ensuring that it evolves in parallel with your changing requirements. This means you can expand your operations, serve more customers, and handle increased data loads without missing a beat. Main & Mission’s implementation approach tailors CCS to your specific needs, enhancing agility and responsiveness. We understand that utility companies must stay nimble in an ever-changing landscape, and our partnership ensures you’re equipped to adapt.

Data Security and Reliability: Oracle is renowned for its cloud security, providing a shield for your valuable data and operations. With Oracle CCS, you can trust that your customer and metering data is protected against potential threats. Our commitment to simplicity ensures a smooth transition for your staff, making the move to Oracle CCS as easy as possible. We understand that user-friendliness is key to efficient adoption.

Continuous Support and Future-Readiness

Our relationship doesn’t end with implementation. Main & Mission offers ongoing support to keep your CCS platform current and ready for any future challenges. Our post-implementation services ensure that you remain at the forefront of utility technology, allowing you to focus on innovation while we manage the technology.


With Main & Mission as your partner, you can harness the full potential of Oracle CCS, confident in its scalability, security, simplicity, and readiness for what lies ahead.

Oracle CCS Advantages

Provide Modern Experiences

Oracle CCS enables you to deliver modern, data-enhanced experiences across multiple channels.

Customer Engagement

Use preference management to engage customers on their terms.

Improved Call Center Performance

With an intuitive user interface, you can improve call center performance and streamline case management.

Data-Driven Insights

By combining meter and customer data in a single system of record, you can gain deeper insights and service capabilities.

Empower Self-Service

Allow clients to self-serve for routine tasks including account management, start-stop transfer, payments, and appointment scheduling, with real-time updates to CCS records.

By teaming with Main & Mission for Oracle CCS, you’ll be able to focus on
innovation while we handle the technology.

Contact us today to begin your road toward increased efficiency, customer
happiness, and long-term success.