M&A, PMI and Deal Due Diligence

M&A, PMI and Deal Due Diligence

Welcome to Main and Mission, where we specialize in assisting you as you navigate the challenging M&A landscape. This is more than just a business transaction.


We work with you to establish a clear and efficient strategy that is in line with your goals and takes a data first approach.

Aware of the emotional component of M&A, our change management techniques make sure that everything goes smoothly, reducing disturbance and equipping your people to welcome change. In order to achieve a flawless integration, we evaluate how the merger or acquisition will affect your organization’s culture, organizational structure, and employee morale.


We offer a planned execution plan to make sure that every area of the M&A process is handled skillfully and successfully.


To support your decision-making, our team goes beyond offering recommendations. We get our hands dirty and carry out thorough due diligence including:

  • EBITA Analysis: examining financial information to assess EBITA performance, giving you information on profitability and financial soundness.
  • Cash Flows: To evaluate liquidity and financial stability, we analyze cash flows.
  • Market analysis: specialists perform in-depth market research.
  • Intellectual Property: safeguarding your assets, we evaluate the intellectual property landscape.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: to improve resource allocation, we assess the effectiveness and efficiency of both organizations.
  • Integration following the Merger: design of a through and methodical process that makes sure people, systems, and processes work together in unison.

Our goal is for you to be successful. Delivering outcomes that go above and beyond your expectations is our obsession.