At Main & Mission, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare operates

Healthcare is more than just a sector, it’s a vital part of our lives, and we appreciate the unique challenges it presents, especially in managing sensitive data.

Our expertise extends beyond conventional consulting. We deeply understand the critical importance of data security, compliance, and interoperability in healthcare. Whether you’re a hospital or a digital health startup, we have the insights and solutions to help you thrive.


Our team of healthcare specialists combines industry experience with technological innovation to address your specific needs. We assist in optimizing processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and leveraging data to enhance patient care.

At Main & Mission, we’re not just
consultants, we’re your partners in
navigating the ever-evolving healthcare
landscape. Let’s work together to unlock
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Transforming Healthcare with Data-Driven Solutions

We’re pioneering a transformation in health data management, interoperability, and analytics, setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in healthcare.

Shared Responsibility

Highest standards of patient data protection and adherence to healthcare regulations, reducing risks of data breaches and compliance violations.

Outcomes Driven

Real-time analytics and decision support, leading to more informed clinical decisions, personalized patient care, and ultimately better health outcomes.

DevOps / DataOps

Automated and optimized data management processes, reducing manual efforts, streamlining workflows, and cutting down on operational costs.

Cloud Migration

Flexible and scalable cloud data infrastructure that can adapt to evolving technologies and data volumes, for long-term sustainability and innovation capability.

Helping Navigate the Complexities of Healthcare

Healthcare organizations today face immense challenges in managing and leveraging vast amounts of data. From ensuring interoperability across diverse systems to maintaining the utmost in patient privacy, the complexity of health data management has never been greater. The need for a solution that can navigate these complexities efficiently and securely is urgent.

Business Consulting

Trace data origins, transformations, and movements, revealing the relationships between data assets and technologies. ​

Technology Expertise

Evaluate the complexity associated with migrations and estimate data project costs, while also identifying distinct opportunities for cost optimization.

Automated Data Solutions

Automate and accelerate data management processes, using pre-built tools and frameworks for smooth transitions between data systems.

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