Customer Information System Modernization

Customer Information System (CIS) Modernization

Welcome to Main and Mission's comprehensive CIS Modernization services, where we
combine innovation and expertise to transform the operations of your company.

We create solutions that focus on:

Front Office Excellence

Installing cutting-edge CIS programs to complex, multi-jurisdictional institutions. Our skilled staff assure seamless integration, optimizing processes, and allowing your front office to easily handle complex operations. Investigate how our expertise in customer service, customer experience, goods, programs, operational efficiency, and workforce management can propel your company forward.

Customer-Centered Approach

We recognize the critical importance of customer service in today’s competitive environment. Our CIS Modernization process places a premium on improving the customer experience through streamlined processes, user-friendly interfaces, and optimized communication channels.

Empowering Operational Efficiency

We delve deep into operational efficiency. Our solutions revitalize your utility’s products and initiatives, increasing their impact and value. With our help, embrace modernization and experience operational excellence like never before.

Unleash Team Potential Through Strategic Workforce Management

Our workforce management solutions equip you with the tools and tactics you need to improve team dynamics, streamline processes, and boost overall performance.

Back Office Transformation

Main and Mission excels at developing effective back office capabilities, refining procedures, and identifying areas for improvement. Discover how our expertise in billing, deposits, credit/collection, device and field management, case management, and asset management can transform the back-end operations of your firm.

Using Data and Analytics to Make Insight-Driven Decisions

Our data and analytics services provide your organization with data-driven insights that help you uncover trends, improve predictive analytics, and optimize operations. Dive into our knowledge of data governance, proficiency, conversion, integration, reporting, and advanced analytics to make confident decisions.

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